64 Transitions Collection

Listen With Intention Daily
(earphones work best)

Which Transition Should I listen to?


Focus on "What is it that I need to hear?" or
"What will lower my anxiety level to 0?, etc.

It's your intention that drives the Generator.
Basically you can ask any thing you want.
Then click the Player 2 button.

Use Player 1 when revisiting Today's Transition.

Listen to that Transition as often as you want
throughout the day.

The concepts outlined in the Yi Jing, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kotodama pages on my main website are all contained in the 64 Transitions Music Collection. These concepts correlated to Music Theory & Composition have been utilized in order to effect healing for a multitude of clients over the years.

This latest effort became a necessity as to provide online assistance to my clients during times of "shelter at home" due to Covid 19. It is a wonderful "at home" tool to use between appointments with your health care provider or simply as a stand alone meditational music modality.

Short Samples: Here

If you would like to experience 64 Transitions for a week at no cost to you then email me at transitions(at)mikelegge.com* in order to get your password into the Transitions Portal. At the end of the week you have the option of subscribing to the Transitions Portal for a year at a cost of $400.00 (U.S.).

If you would like to start your subscription please click Here ,
otherwise email me for your free week.

* Warning: This is not a substitute for medical treatment.
We do not prescribe, diagnose or make allopathic medical claims.
Do not use while driving a car or operating machinery.


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